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The best paint brands available in UAE for house painting

Paint brands for house painting in Dubai

There are a number of paint brands are available at paint store sin Dubai.Some of the popular paint brands in Dubai for house painting is JOTUN paints, National Paints and Dulex paints.

The most commonly used paint by Dubai painters is Jotun and Dulax paint comes in the second spot. Jotun Paints with its major market share dominates the paint market in UAE.

Jotun paints have a range of paint products to suit every customer.Easy availability is another plus point in using jotun products.

Dubai Maintenance is providing the best finishes with Jotun paints in Dubai for more than ten years.Our house painting service is known for its quality and fair rices among Dubai house owners.

If you are planning a repainting for your villa or apartment in Dubai,don't hesitate to call us on 050 3310 489 for free quote

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