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Plumbers in JVC Dubai/Plumbing repairs for Water leaks,Water pumps and Water leaks

Plumbers in Jumeirah Village Circle community provies the professional plumbing services for villas and apartments.Our plumbing repair service includes repairs for all types water leaks,Fixing water pumps and water tanks and water heater repairs and replacements at very reasonable prices.

Our JVC plumbing service provieds quick service for emergency plumbing issues in JVC. All our JVC plumbers are well experienced in Dubai property maintenance for many years.

  • Water leak repairs

  • Water heater repairs and replacement

  • Water pump repairs and replacement

  • Bathroom plumbing repairs

  • Toilet repairs

  • Unclogging of toilets and Tubs

  • Water tank repairs

  • Kitchen sink repairs

  • Drain line cleaning

  • Emergency plumbing repairs

All types of plumbing works

Please contact us - 050 1928 735 , 050 3310 489

Local Plumers near Dubai Jumeira Village Circle (JVC) 050 3310 489

Apartments and villas in Jumeirah Village Circle Dubai offer the city’s large population an unusual combination of urban living options in a village setting. Those living in JVC love the calm ambience of the area, surrounded by lush gardens and canals evoking a much-needed sense of serenity in a bustling metropolis like Dubai. Apparently, one of the factors why expats and Emiratis choose to rent properties because of its family-oriented lifestyle.

Jumeirah Village Circle Dubai is home to over 2,000 residential units. The development is fashioned as a series of villages connected by parks and canals, with a mix of apartments, villas and townhouses. Most residential apartments in JVC come with shared amenities including access to a gym, swimming pool and launderette. As the area has many upcoming developments, JVC has a range of brand new apartments up for rent.

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