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How much it will cost to paint a studio apartment in Dubai UAE

How to get affordable affordable painting service in Dubai

Like in any big cities,its not an easy task to find an affordable painting service in Dubai.There are so many companies offering painting service in Dubai.The quote you will get to paint a studio apartment in Dubai will be anywhere between AED.500 to AED.900. The price variation depends on the paint materials used to paint the apartment.

Dubai Maintenance provides hassle-free home painting service at the most affordable prices.If you are looking for a No-mess and clean finish painting job,you can contact us.

We do full interior painting including ceiling or only wall painting jobs also.

We will finish the painting job with out most care to keep your furniture and fixtures with out any paint stains.We will move or cover your furniture and fixtures before we start the paint work.So you are assured that you will get a clean and tidy painting job.

If you are planning to do a repainting for your house or Office,call us for a free quote.

House painting in Dubai at its best. Contact us 0503310489
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