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Home AC breakdowns in Dubai UAE

Common AC problems that requires an AC technician in Dubai

In Dubai a broken-down AC can create a brutally hot situation.Its impossible to live without air conditioning in Dubai's desert like whether.Especially Dubai summers are very hot.The outside temperature can easily reach 50 degree centigrade.Here are some of the most common AC problem that requires a AC repair technician.

  • Refrigerant Leaks

When your AC units refrigerant line leaks,the AC system loses the gas which is circulated in the condenser through out the AC system.This gas extract the heat from the house and with the help of the condenser fan it releases the heat to the outside air.If a gas leak occurs,your AC can not remove the heat from indoor. Eventually AC unit ceases to create cool air.Therefore the leaking should be patched up and replaced with new refrigerant.You have to call a qualified HVAC technician to do this job

  • Frozen Evaporator

A frozen evaporator can stop or reduce the cooling capacity of your Air condition unit.Many factors can lead to a frozen evaporator.The most common reasons are clogged filters and evaporator coils.Changing filters on every three to six moths can avoid this.If your indoor units fan coils are too dirty,you need to do chemical wash of the coils,which improve the cooling efficiency considerably.

  • Faulty thermostats

A faulty thermostat can disable the functionality of your air condition unit.An HVAC technician can replace your faulty thermostat with programmable digital thermostat.

  • Air Filters

Changing you AC filters on regular intervals,can increase the efficiency of your AC unit.In Dubai's desert environment,cleaning your AC filters regularly is very important.It is advised to replace your AC filters every three to six months.

  • Fan Motors Damage

A damaged blower fan can stop blowing air from your cooling coils.If you run your AC with a damaged fan motor,eventually the coils will freeze up.In this scenario you need to call AC repair technician in Dubai to replace the damaged fan motor.

  • Electrical Faults

Electrical faults are a common problem causing break down of the AC units. Only a trained AC technician can trace the electrical problem and do the electrical repairs to bring back the AC unit to running condition.

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