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Common Air Condition problems in Dubai UAE

Have you ever spent a few hours in Dubai at home or office with a broken air condition system.It's certainly an experience you don't want repeat.Don't leave your summer comfort to chance.Hear are the most common causes of Air condition problems and easy ways to prevent AC repair issues.

1. Dirty condenser coils.

Dirty condenser coils are a common cause for reducing the cooling efficiency of your AC unit.This is a very common problem in Dubai with all the dust and pollution in the air.The condenser coil won't work efficiently when it is covered with dirt. Condenser coils in you outdoor unit get rid of the heat removed from the air inside your house by expelling it outside.When the condenser coils of your AC unit is covered with dust and dirt,it can not transfer the heat,thus causing less cooling and gradually leading to system failure.

2. Faulty Thermostat controls

A thermostat is the control devise controls your AC unit as per your desire.Even if the AC unit is in good working condition,a faulty thermostat control can cause it non functional. A trained AC technician can replace it with a programmable thermostat.Ask your AC technician to replace it with a programmable thermostat.

3. Clogged drain pipes

A clogged AC drain pan or drain pipe can damages to your ceilings and floors.The moisture removed from the air is collected in a drain pan attached to the AC unit and flows through the drain pipes to your drain lines.When the drain pipes get clogged,the water collected in the pan overflows and causes damage to your ceilings and floors.

By doing periodical cleaning of the drain pan and drain pipes this can be prevented.

4. Low refrigerant

If your AC system have leak in the copper piping line in which the gas circulate,then the AC system can not remove the heat from inside the house efficiently. Your AC repair technician have to check and find the gas leak in the system and repair.After the leak repair,he will refill the refrigerant to the required pressure.

5. Frozen Evaporator Coils

Due to improper air supply ,the evaporator coils can be frozen with ice.There are many reason for frozen evaporator coils. Refrigerant leaks,Obstruction to the supply vents,Filthy filters are reasons for frozen evaporator coil.If you see ice around your indoor evaporator coils,get help of good AC technician to check and fix the problem.

Broken fans

There are two fans in your AC system.One is blowing air over the indoor evaporator coils and another one in the outdoor unit discharging the heat transferred by the circulating refrigerant.If either of these fans are not working,Your AC systems will not be cooling your house anymore.A non working fan motor will eventually leads to a compressor failure and expensive repairs.

A well maintained air condition system runs more efficiently,providing consistent comfort and reducing energy bills.Dubai AC Maintenance provides high quality AC repairs for residences and commercial spaces at affordable rates.Our Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) are a worry free way to indoor comfort.

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