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Common AC problems in Dubai

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Common issues with your AC units

If you are living in Dubai,you know how important is air conditioning in your daily life.You can not imagine living without air conditioning even for one day in Dubai's desert climate. It is essential to schedule regular maintenance for your AC units to keep them in optimum condition.

The AC is not working

If your AC is not turning on, first check the thermostat control and make sure it is set to cooling mode.Also check the batteries of your remote control and try changing with new batteries. Next thing you can check is the fuse board.Check the circuit breakers,if it is tripped.Try to on the circuit back to on position. If the circuit breaker is not holding to the on position,you need to call a qualified AC technician to have look at your AC unit.

AC is not blowing cold air

If the AC is not blowing cool air,first thing you need check the AC filter.A filthy filter blocks the flow of cool air from the AC unit.You need to remove the filter and clean it with a blower or running water.If the AC is still now blowing cool air,you can call Dubai Maintenance for a AC repair in Dubai.

Refrigerant leak

If there is a refrigerant leak in your AC system,your AC unit can not cool down the temperature. Eventually It can lead to the failure of the compressor,

causing expensive compressor replacement. A professional AC technician can repair the gas leak and fill the gas to make your AC unit in optimum condition.

Dubai Maintenance can help you to maintain your AC system to give you proper cooling

In Dubai.Dubai maintenance offers professional AC maintenance for residential and commercial customers.

Our call out service is available to all parts of Dubai.

Our AC annual maintenance contracts starts at as low as Dhs.1000

Contact us for more info about our all round property maintenance

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