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Bathtub replacement prices in Dubai

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Thinking about to replace your broken old bathtub ? Bathtub replacement is not an easy task.Replacing a tub with a new tub requires a lot of planning.First of all you need to remove the old tub by braking the side panel tiling. In-case your old drop-in tub is fixed in concrete,need some breaking of concrete to put in the new tub.Once you fixed the new tub,you may require to fix new tiles on the side panel.

Replacing a built-in bathtub may cost you between Dhs.2000 to Dhs.3000 including the cost of the bathtub and the installation charges.

Good quality bathtubs which are manufactured in UAE is available in the market.Some of the best known brands are RAK Ceramis,Sanitech and AB.

There a number of very good installation companies also available in Dubai.

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