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Air Condition maintenance in Dubai Palm Jumeira

Central AC repairs for chilled watter systems

Chilled water actuator valve

Chilled water pipe leakes are a common issue with air conditioning systems connected to distric cooling systems. In Dubai most of the newly developed buldings and Villa communities are connected to District cooling system.

Chilled watter pipe line leaks and actuvator valeves issues are a common problem for this type of air conditioning system.

Dubai maintenance is a leading service provider for repairs and maintenance for chilled water air condition systems.

  • Chilled water pipe repair

  • Actuator valves repairs and replacements

  • Gate valves replacement

  • Chilled water pipe insulation works

  • Repairs for cooling issues

  • Repairs for fan coil units

  • Checking and repairs for ducting

  • Repairs and replacement of thermostat controls

We provide professional AC maintenance and repair service in Dubai Palm Jumeirah Island,Dubai.

Please conact us today

Call/Whatsapp - 050 3310 489 , 050 1928 735

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