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AC Maintenance companies in Al Barsha District Dubai

# The best AC service in Al Barsha district Dubai

Al Barsha is a centrally located district in the Jebal Ali area of Dubai UAE.Almost all the upscale residential communities and famous malls are located around Al Barssha.

Dubai Maintenance is providing AC maintenance and repair service in Al Barsha and surrounding areas since 2010.

Our technicians are well experienced and familiar with all type of air conditioning systems working in these residential communities and commercial places.

We maintain and repair central AC systems,Chilled water systems,Split air condition systems.Our emergency call out service for AC repairs is available to all residential communities in Al Barsha area.

Our Al Barsha AC maintenance and repair service includes:

  • Central AC maintenance and service

  • Repairs for cooling issues

  • Water leak repairs

  • Actuator valves replacement

  • Thermostat control replacement

  • Fan motor repairs

  • Condenser motor repairs

  • Capacitors change

  • Compressor installation

  • Chilled water pipe repairs

  • Fan coil units

and more ..

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