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Electrical services

Like many problems in your home,you might find it appealing to fix all on your own.However with electrical problems,if you are not a qualified electrician,the slightest mistake can result in serious injury and hazard to your home.You should always hire a qualified electrician to fix all your electrical problems at your house.


"Seby and his team were super.They did all the lights installation job when we moved in to our new villa in Dubai.The installation was professional and expedient.The team was very respectful and they kept our villa clean.Great service and Excellent price.'   Fauzia Hassan

Our Electrical Services

Emergency Electrical Repairs
Fuse Board repairs
Install additional power outlets
Lighting installation
Replace switches and sockets
Chandelier fixing
Ceiling lights 
Garden lights
Water pump control panel
Install timer switches
Repair for breaker tripping


Install ELCB, MCCB
Install isolator switches
AC units electrical repairs
Install Cooker and Washing Machine
Install new appliances
Cabling for machines
Fix/Change ceiling lights
Ceiling fans install
Install exhaust fans
Electrical water heater repair/Fix

Need More Electrical sockets ?

If you need more electrical outlets,you need to know the load capacity of your existing outlets.Without knowing this,if you are adding more and more extension cords,chances are high for a power surge.This can damage your valuable appliances.It is always safe to get the help of a qualified electrician.

Our experienced electricians can to all kind of electrical repairs and installations for your home and Office in Dubai

Flickering lights

When you switch on any of your appliances,if you that your lights flickering,that means that appliance is consuming too much electricity.if its not repaired,you may have a power surge.This can damage your appliances and lighting fixtures.A qualified electrician can check this and can fix this by checking the load capacity of the circuit.

  • Prioritize Safety

  • Reliable Service for crucial home features

  • Trusted home electricians


Need a qualified electrician service in Dubai/Sharjah

Call us Now - 050 3310 48

Call-out Service available
We cover all parts of Dubai/Sharjah

Office lighting installation in Dubai

Office lighting requires a different approach than the lighting of a bedroom.Proper lighting can increase the productivity of people in an office.In an office or a work place it is always better to use a neutral white colour lighting.Dubai Maintenance supply and install high quality lighting for offices and commercial places in Dubai UAE. We install high quality LED panel lights and Down lights for offices and Businesses.


​Supply and Instillation

  • ​LED Panel lights  

  • Down lights

  • Spot lights

  • Strip lights

  • Outdoor lights

  • Ceiling lights

  • Mirror lights

  • Exit lights

  • ​Residential and Commercial light installations


  • Outdoor lighting

  • Garden Lighting

  • Warehouse lighting

  • Chandelier install

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